Way to fix QuickBooks QBW32.exe Error (Fatal Application Exit)

Way To Fix QuickBooks QBW32.exe Error

We are going to discuss QuickBooks QBW32.exe Error. QuickBooks Desktop is, without a doubt, the best accounting software available today. Due to its powerful features, it’s being the preferred choice of large multinational corporations, medium-sized organizations, and even tiny businesses. This software not only aids businesses in accounting but also in properly managing their money and sales. The most excellent part of the QuickBooks Desktop is that a new edition is released every year with new and enhanced capabilities.

You may notice the following error message on your desktop :

“APPCRASH-QBW32.EXE-Quickbooks has stopped operating.” Windows can look for a solution to the problem online.

QBW32 exe error

Without further ado, let’s see what is QuickBooks qbw32.exe error.

What is qbw32.exe?

QBW32.exe is a file that links to the payroll charge in the QuickBooks software, and it’s also compatible with the QuickBooks pro software for Windows OS. Many spam emails are the source of this issue, and it can also happen when users attempt to access malicious websites.

When you open or close the file, you may encounter this error, and it’s also possible to run across it while printing. Let’s look at the causes now that we know what the qbw32.exe error is.

What gives rise to QuickBooks error qbw32.exe?

To install the Quickbooks accounting software, a software installer along with a Set up e-file in QuickBooks is essential and needed. If any of these files get damaged, one might encounter quickbooks runtime error qbw32.exe during installation.

Mentioned below are a few primary causes behind QuickBooks QBW32.exe Error:-

  1. This particular Quickbooks error appears when a specific windows installer file gets corrupted.
  2. Quickbooks company file data damage/corruption.
  3. An interrupted internet connection can also be one of the reasons behind this error.
  4. This fatal application error occurs in the Quickbooks POS edition when a particular Quickbooks POS file gets damaged.

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The course of action to deal with quickbooks error qbw32.exe

By now, we have learned enough about the quickbooks error qbw32.exe. We also learned the underlying reasons behind the occurrence of the error. So, we will proceed with how to fix QuickBooks QBW32.exe Error

Below are a few solutions for the qbw32.exe error:- 

Solution 1: 

Terminate the process of qbw32.exe 


Terminate the process of qbw32.exe


  • First, right-click on the “Windows” taskbar, and once done with this, select “Start Task Manager.” 
  • Tap on the “Process button” and the “Image name header.” so as to sort the processes alphabetically. 
  • After that, look for and select “QBW32.exe” before clicking “End Process.” 

Solution 2: Revoke the Quickbooks application 

No company open window
  • First, Right-click on the “QuickBooks Desktop” icon followed by pressing the “Ctrl key.” 
  • Now select “Open function” from the drop-down menu. Ensure you don’t let go of the “Ctrl key” until the firm’s “No company open window” appears.
  •  After that, go to your QuickBooks file and log in.

Solution 3:  Reopen your computer system 




Rebooting your computer is a straightforward approach to fixing this error. This will completely reinstall your system. Access QuickBooks after your PC has been restarted.

Solution 4: Execute the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool


QuickBooks install diagnostic tool


To begin, download and execute the QBInstall utility to resolve various issues you may encounter when opening the QuickBooks Desktop.

Here’s how to do it:

  • To begin, save the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to your computer.
  • When requested, save the file to your PC.
  • After that, if “All programmes” are open, close them and run your “QBInstall Tool.” Remember that it may take up to 20 minutes to complete, depending on the speed of the internet and the computer’s capabilities.
  • After executing the utility, restart your computer to ensure that all of your applications are correctly updated.

Solution 5: Restore the Quickbooks desktop application 

You’re repairing the corrupted and damaged QuickBooks Desktop installation files when you execute the QuickBooks installation repair.

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Solution 6:  Try installing the Quickbooks desktop application properly again 


quickbooks clean install utilit


  • If none of the previous procedures work, remove the software, reinstall it, and rerun it.
  • A clean installation entails reinstalling all files in a new folder, which is the same as the default location. In no manner will this method be able to destroy or delete the corporate file.
  • We hope that we have brought enough clarity to QuickBooks QBW32.exe Error. However, some FAQs would act as a cherry on the cake. So, we would wind up with a few FAQs for a quick revision.

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