How to Resolve Intuit Printer Library Error?

Intuit Printer Library Error

Problems with the Intuit Printer Library Error arise often. QuickBooks users say that Intuit printer library error is the most common. Consequently, this error results in printing issues. QuickBooks does not print and cannot print too. 

Thus, the error results in delays in work and the inability to resume tasks. If you too are facing the same issue, then this article is for you.

Hence, we have stated all the causes, symptoms, and solutions for this error. 

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About Intuit Printer Library Error

Intuit Printer Library Error makes the user face any issues. One is not able to print the required work. This happens since the computer refuses to print due to the lack of a certain font in it. The problem happened suddenly. And when this error arises, some words display on your screen. These words state that you request to print a type of font which is not available on your system. Hence, you must install the font. 

Therefore, this gets a lot troublesome. There can be several reasons for such an error. Read below to find out.

Reasons behind Printer Library Error of Intuit

Since there can be a lot of reasons behind this error, we have stated the most common below : 

Printer Library Error
  • The printer you are using currently is not approved.
  • In addition, there is an issue when the font you have provided is not present in your system.
  • You have lost a specific driver. Hence, it stands missing.
  • Similarly, if the invoice fonts do not match, it signals the error.
  • Likewise, in case, the RAM of the computer has an extra load, it establishes the error.

Indications of Intuit Printer Library Error

Let’s see some of the indicators of the printer library error of Intuit : 

  • Firstly, if your Operating system of Windows freezes.
  • Next, it can occur when Quickbooks Program crashes time and again.
  • In case, the Quickbooks Desktop doesn’t respond.
  • Similarly, if your mouse and keyboard perform slow and do not respond.
  • Moreover, if the Windows Operating system crashes while working.

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Things to keep in mind before solving the error 

There are certain before setting up things that you should keep in mind. These are necessary to make sure no obstacle arises while going through the troubleshooting method. Hence, we have given pointers below for the same : 

  • Update: First of all, you need to ensure that your Quickbooks are updated to the latest recent version.
  • Connection: In addition to the update, make sure you connect the computer to the printer. Similarly, the installation of printer software is too necessary.

Procedure to fix Intuit Printer Library Error

Everyone wants to complete their tasks without any obstacles. So do you. The printer library error can be a lot disturbing and hamper all the work going on. Therefore, in order to fix the printer library error, follow the below-given steps. 

  • Verify the font of the template
  • Firstly, launch your Quickbooks.
  • Then, locate customers. Here, click on creating an invoice.
  • Similarly, search for formatting. In it, tap at customizing data layout.
  • Then, click on basic customization.
  • Go in it. Here, select the change font.
  • Next, hit the title. Here, select the change font button.
  • Similarly, go to the font. Opt for the font you want. 
  • Hence, click ok.
  • Change/ Verify

Now you have to repeat the same first four steps of step 1. These are as follows : 

  • Firstly, launch your Quickbooks.
  • Then, locate customers. Here, click on creating an invoice.
  • Similarly, search for formatting. In it, tap at customizing data layout.
  • Then, click on basic customization.

This occurs so that you can now change or verify the font for Name of Company, Address of Company, data, labels, subtotals label and totals label.

  • Same font

Now you just have to make sure that you have chosen the same font for all the times mentioned above.

  • Printing

After you verify the font, it is time to check the printing. Hence, try to print the invoice again.

  • Finished!

You will be able to print easily now. Yet, if this doesn’t work you can take the help of another method given below.

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Method: Sync settings with the printer setup

  • Open Quickbooks. Then, go to file.
  • Click on Printer setup here.
  • Select the form to print.
  • In the printer setup window, click on options.
  • Likewise, in paper and paper attributes, fix the printer to print at portrait orientation and letter size paper.
  • Tap ok.
  • Next, again in the printer setup window, you’ll find the Printer type. Here, select the option same for your printer. 
  • Then, click ok. Now, see the status.


We hope that the above article was helpful and you are able to resolve the Intuit Printer library error. However, if you face any difficulty, you can reach out to our Quickbooks support team anytime and solve your issue easily.

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