QuickBooks File Too Large : A Complete Guide 2022

QuickBooks File Too Large A Complete Guide 2022

Every business, at one time or the other suffers from issues due to QuickBooks files being too large. This not only slows down the tasks, but also increases the chances of data corruption. Hence, this arises a lot of issues with your daily tasks and delays it.

If you are too looking for an answer of, “Why is QuickBooks file size too large?”, then you must read the article below. You’ll get all the ways to resolve this issue.

There’s no such exclamation of ‘too large’.  Many have small files yet still get issues with QB file size. Let’s see some of the significant limitations to it : 

  • Size of File

Though, they say that there are no limits to the file size in QuickBooks. Yet, when one approaches reality, QuickBooks Pro and Premier can have a maximum of 150 MB as file size. And, as far as QuickBooks Enterprise is concerned, it can hold a maximum of 1 GB. Though, it is possible to go beyond the limit, yet your software suffers from a slow speed and risk of data corruption. 

  • Number of Items

In addition, there is a full stop to the number of items too. You can have a limited number of items like customers, classes, jobs, etc. in your file. Since, the limit differs from item to item, and version to version, it gets difficult to keep a record. Yet, there’s a thumb of rule : if the number of items in QuickBooks pro and premier are below 10,000 , then you are safe. 

Similarly, QuickBooks Enterprise can hold 100,000 items. 

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Yet, you must get a close up at the particular item types and their numbers. So, to do so, you can tap F2 while using Quickbooks. Consequently, you will get count of all the items easily.

How to reduce the size of a QuickBooks file?

Once you have reached the limit of size of your Quickbooks file, it is time to find solutions to reduce it. 

You can start this by upgrading Quickbooks Pro or Premier to Enterprise. It is a direct and simple solution to the issue. Yet, as shifting to Enterprise is a lot costly, one can only do so if you have crossed all the limits of the size.

Yet, for others who find this solution out of their budget, they can always try with other better options. Hence, you can go with cleaning up all the items that are waste. 

Therefore, to reduce the size of the file, try some below options : 

  • “Clean up data” feature of QuickBooks to condense past years

With the help of this clean up data feature, one can condense the past years. This feature is a lot helpful. It will replace all the transactions of the past years with some smaller journal entries or entry. As, your past transactions will disappear. You need not to worry. You will still have an access to the Profit and loss and balance sheet of those years. Yet, make sure to have a data backup. This is necessary in case you need any details of the past transactions.

  • “Clean up data” feature of Quickbooks to remove all transactions

This feature allows you to use clean up data feature too. However, here you can create a new company file by getting rid of all the transactions. Likewise, you will have access to the vendor/customer lists. In addition, there will be other lists too. Then, you have to make opening balances for the accounts. You can do it from a specific data. Consequently, it will include invoices, bills, inventory, etc. too. Yet, to do these all, one needs to have an accurate knowledge of Quickbooks. Moreover, you should also possess knowledge of accounts and expertise.

  • Making a new company file

One can always opt this option. You can create a brand new company file. This can be the last option. Hence, you have to create opening balances of all the accounts. Moreover, One also needs to create items lists. 

We cannot say this as the best option. Yet, you can always prefer it when : 

  • The file that you are using currently is too old. In addition, it becomes too large to handle. This is a sign for you yo create a new company file.
  • Similarly, if the database suffers from corruption and it becomes impossible to fix, in that case, opt for a new company file. Yet, you can always contact to the QuickBooks support team for the repair of these files before creating a new one.

We hope that your issues resolve with the aid of one of the options given above. Yet, if you still are not able to resolve it, contact us. 

The article has provided all solutions to QuickBooks file size limits. Now, you can reduce QuickBooks file size on your own. Though if you are facing any difficulty doing so, contact the QuickBooks support team. We will be happy to help you.

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