Update to New Built-in Browser for Quickbooks Desktop

As you may be aware that starting from June 15, 2022, Microsoft has ended its support for Internet Explorer 11. It implies that Microsoft will not release any further critical or non-critical updates for the IE (11) and won’t be providing any support or service for the same.

Microsoft has been rolling out vulnerabilities patches and updates for their browser to keep it safe from malicious attacks that keep the user’s data secure, making the updates a vital part of any software lifecycle. 

You may read more about Microsoft’s Lifecycle Policy.

How will it impact the QuickBooks Desktop Software?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 has been the de-facto browser for all the Intuit QuickBooks desktop software since they discontinued supporting IE (10) in January 2016. 

When a Quickbooks customer tries to communicate with the internet or open up any web-related content, it gets relayed to the IE (11) browser. But since Microsoft has already ended the life of their IE (11) browser, this imposes a security threat to all the customers using an outdated QuickBooks desktop version.

Furthermore, QuickBooks Desktop has some key features that won’t work well on unsupported versions of the Internet Explorer.

Why is it a matter of concern for customers using connected services such as Payroll or Payments?

The payroll and payments features within Quickbooks desktop extensively depend on the IE (11) browser. Since the browser will not receive any security patches in the future, it becomes vulnerable to several security threats such as Data leaking, Malware, Phishing, Passwords exposure, Ransomware, and more. Therefore, it is crucial for those using QuickBooks desktop for Payroll and Payments to update their version at the latest release. 

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How is Intuit safeguarding its customers from the security threat imposed by the discontinuation of Internet Explorer 11?

Intuit values its customers and always pays attention to the need for modern-day technology in its software fleet. The accounting software giant launched a new built-in browser for its Quickbooks Desktop software to power its internet connectivity features.

As per Intuit, the built-in browser is both reliable and secure. It is being shipped with all the critical security patches right from the start. Intuit is rolling-out updates for all its supported QuickBooks desktop software with its new built-in browser and encouraging customers to update their software versions to enjoy a safe and secure working experience.

How to make your Quickbooks software use the built-in browser?

Updating your existing QuickBooks software to the latest release will give you the access to use this new built-in browser. Make sure that your QuickBooks desktop receives all the upcoming future updates, ensuring that your QuickBooks desktop is up-to-date with all the security patches for the new browser, which we believe will be rolled out quite aggressively by Intuit.

Why would you need an expert for the upgrade/updates of your QuickBooks software?

The update process has a few caveats to it. We’re sure if you have been using the software for some time, you must have run into some of the issues like:

  • Data loss during the update cycle.
  • Error connecting to your payment gateways.
  • Unable to launch the Quickbooks software after an update.
  • Unable to install the latest update to your version of Quickbooks.
  • The Payroll update isn’t working after updating the Quickbooks software.
  • Other essential third-party software is conflicting with the updated version.

And the list goes on.

We understand that your data is of vital importance to your business, and we care that your services should run smoothly. That’s why we have an expert team of professional Quickbooks Proadvisors & Technicians that would make the update process a breeze for you. Our team takes a complete backup of your system and your Quickbooks before performing any update so that you won’t lose even a bit of data.


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