QuickBooks File Doctor Tool: How to Use & Repair Damaged Files

quickbooks file doctor

Undoubtedly, QuickBooks has always been a demanding and leading software. Currently, over 2 million active users are managing their business finances via QuickBooks as it offers high-quality features and functionalities. However, there might be scenarios of experiencing company file errors or network issues while utilizing QuickBooks. Today, our motive is to tell you about a tool that can help in making the software free of such errors.  We have seen that many business owners are not aware of the multifaceted tools and latest technologies of QuickBooks. If you are working on QuickBooks for a long time, it becomes mandatory to know about the tool for resolving QuickBooks error codes to continue working on the software. That’s why we have decided to write down a post to describe everything about QuickBooks File Doctor

The doctor tool has been designed and introduced specifically for resolving company file and network-related issues in 2012 by Intuit. Earlier, it was known as QuickBooks diagnostic tool that has been improved and launched in the market with a new name “QB File Doctor”. To know more about it, proceed further and read the whole post. 

What is QuickBooks File Doctor?

quickbooks file doctor

If you are looking for solutions to get rid of company file errors or network-related issues, no need to worry. Intuit has designed & introduced a perfect tool that can be utilized to resolve such technical issues. In other words, we can say that it is a simple tool that permits QuickBooks users to resolve any type of data & file corruption, windows issues, network diagnosis, etc. Including so, you can also deal with the issues regarding accessing a company, damaged files, network connectivity issues, 6000 series error codes, and QuickBooks H-series errors by utilizing the file doctor tool. 

Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop File doctor has been launched in 2012. Earlier, QuickBooks users have two different programs (QuickBooks network connectivity diagnostic tool & QuickBooks company file diagnostic tool) to get rid of technical errors persisting in the software. Intuit has decided to combine these programs and launch a new one because the internal file doctor only assists in fixing the data issues. 

Types of QuickBooks File Doctor: 

  • Built-in File Doctor (Obtainable in all QuickBooks version 2015 and later)
  • QB File Doctor Stand-alone version

Issues That Can Be Fixed by Using the QuickBooks File Doctor 

Underneath are all the error codes and issues that can resolve after utilizing the file doctor tool. 

What are the Pros of Using QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks file doctor tool is an extremely useful tool that would not let you worry about company files or network errors. With the help of the doctor tool, you can resolve a complete series of 6000 error codes and H series error codes. To know more benefits of using QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor, go through the following list.

  • In a case of damaged QuickBooks Company File, get the help of the file doctor tool to fix it. 
  • It helps you in getting all the important data that has been lost accidentally or manually. 
  • Sometimes, you are unable to access the file that is stored on another PC. You can deal with this issue easily with the help of the doctor tool. 
  • All errors of H series and 6000 error codes can easily resolve by using the doctor tool.

How Compatible is the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

Before proceeding further to download and install the file doctor tool, you must know its compatibility with other versions.

Here, we are listing all versions that are compatible with the file doctor tool.

  • You get a built-in file doctor in QuickBooks 2015 and later versions. This tool is compatible with all the Desktop versions of Windows. 
  • You must know that the file doctor is not compatible with QuickBooks Mac versions.

System Requirement for Downloading the QuickBooks File Doctor 

Here, we have listed down all the system requirements to download QB file doctor. 

  • The first thing that you need to ensure is using the system as an Admin in the Windows OS. 
  • If you have any pre-installed tool to deal with technical error codes, uninstall it. This allows the tool to detect the issue & resolves it efficiently. 
  • Make sure that the QuickBooks Hosting is turned on before downloading the QuickBooks file doctor tool. 
  • You must have the installation of the .NET framework to download the doctor tool. 
  • There is no need to download the QuickBooks File repair on the system to install the file doctor tool.

How to Download the QuickBooks File Doctor?

As you have read, the QuickBooks file doctor tool is a perfect tool when it comes to dealing with company file errors, 6000 series error codes, H series error codes, network connectivity issues, etc. Now, you might be wondering to know the steps of downloading the tool.

For your convenience, we have listed down all the methods to download the tool. 

Method 1: Via the official website of Intuit.

  • Go to the official website of Intuit and click on QuickBooks File Doctor Tool Download.
  • After that, you have to run the QBFD.exe file.
  • Now, the tool starts installing on your system. 
  • After the installation of QBFD, the file doctor will automatically launch. If not so, access the program by choosing the Start option.
  •  Lastly, go through the instructions to resolve technical glitches.

Method 2: Via QuickBooks Tools Hub 

  • First of all, you need to download the QuickBooks Tools Hub.
  • Now, download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file and save it on the Desktop.
  • Click on the QuickBooksToolHUb.exe file.
  • After that, go through the instructions to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Next, double-click on the Tool Hub and choose the Company File Issues tab.
  • Now, click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor and select your company file.
  • And then, choose Check your company file and press Continue.
  • Finally, write down your admin password and choose Next.

How to use the QuickBooks File Doctor (Stand-alone)?

We always recommend using the stand-alone version of the doctor tool as it can help you in resolving various technical glitches. Whereas, the built-in file doctor can only assist in fixing the data issues. Listed below are the steps to utilize the stand-alone version of the doctor tool. 

  • Firstly, make sure that you are using the latest version of the doctor tool or you can uninstall the previous one and install the latest version.
  • Secondly, choose Run QuickBooks File Doctor.

quickbooks desktop file doctor installshield wizard

  • Double-tap on the doctor tool and go through all the instructions to complete the process. After installing the tool, access it by choosing the Windows Task-bar.

quickbooks desktop file doctor icon

  • After that, choose the Browse option to place the tool on the hard drive.

select your company file in quickbooks desktop file doctor

  • Click on check the File Damage Only option and select Diagnose File.

check the file damage only option in quickbooks file doctor

  • Now, two options will appear on the screen. You need to choose accordingly. If you are facing any of the 6000 series errors, choose the first option. Else choose the second one.

repair the file in qb file doctor

  • Enter the Company File Admin Password and click on Next.
  • Again, you need to choose one of the following options. 
    • Click on the Workstation option if you are working on operating diagnosis and resolving the issue on the client’s PC which means that the file is not hosted on that PC.  
    • Choose the second option if you are resolving issues on a QuickBooks client PC that indicates the company file has not hosted that PC.
  • Choose Yes if you are using QuickBooks Host or server. Else, choose No. 

repairing company file in quickbooks desktop file doctor

  • Now, wait till the file doctor tool completes the process of fixing errors. The times may vary upon the size of the company file. Make sure the process will not get disrupted in between.

opening quickbooks

  • After that, a message will appear on your screen where you need to close the QB file doctor.

repairing complete in quickbooks file doctor tool

  • Finally, run the company file. 

Introduction: Built-in QuickBooks File Doctor

QB File Doctor has been designed to diagnose technical errors and issues related to Network Connectivity. In QuickBooks 2015 or later versions, you can get an in-built file doctor tool that helps you in dealing with data-related issues. This tool works only for CA, UK, and US QuickBooks versions and requires desktop installation. Additionally, the doctor tool supports Windows 10, 8, 7, and Server 2003-2012. If you are looking for the steps to utilize this tool for resolving data issues occurring in your system, go further and apply the underneath steps.  

How to use the QuickBooks File Doctor (Built-in)?

The built-in version of the file doctor tool automatically detects the issues and resolves them. You don’t need to do anything except choosing the Start option to access it.

Here are step-by-step instructions to use the built-in version:

  • The initial step is to open QuickBooks without opening the company file.
  • And then, choose the File menu and click on Utilities.

selecting utility option in file doctor

  • Choose Repair File and Network Problems.
  • Look for the Company File that you need to repair and choose Open.

looking for the company file that needs repairing in quickbooks file doctor

  • After that, choose Show Advanced Settings and select Next.
  • Enter the Admin ID and Password whenever asked and click on Next.
  • enter the admin id and passwordLastly, access the company file.

Expected Outcomes 

Here, we are talking about the probable outcomes that may display after accessing the doctor tool. You must aware of the underneath result possibilities to get rid of technical issues.

Case 1: QuickBooks file doctor hasn’t detected the issue

quickbooks file doctor hasn’t detected the issue

When the QuickBooks file doctor tool shows that no error has been detected, you don’t need to do anything. This means QuickBooks is bugs-free and you can continue working on it. In any case, the file is not accessible, then you can utilize ADR to fix it. 

Case 2: The issue has been detected and fix it

quickbooks file doctor fix the issue

In this case, you can utilize the file doctor tool. For so, go to the Open new Company option when the result is displaying on the screen. Now, wait till the issue gets resolved.  

Case 3: The issue has been detected and QuickBooks File Doctor can’t fix it 

quickbooks file doctor not able to fix the issue

In this case, you can use the Auto Data Recovery tool. Additionally, enter the transactions manually and the ADR tool will help you in resolving the QuickBooks-related issues.

Errors that Might Display While Accessing the QuickBooks File Doctor 

Sometimes, QuickBooks users might encounter some errors during running the file doctor tool. These errors may stop you from resolving the issues in between and would not let you in accessing the company files.

In the following list, we are writing down all the cases that shows the file doctor errors and the solutions to deal with them. 

Solutions to Resolve Errors Related to QuickBooks File Doctor 

After knowing the errors that may occur while accessing the file doctor tool, you have to apply the following solutions to deal with them.

Here, we are concluding all the solutions that can resolve file doctor errors. 

  • Open QB File Doctor Manually 
  • Using the Auto Data Recovery (ADR)
  • Restoring the backup of the corrupted QBW File 
  • Turning off Hosting Mode & configuring Antivirus Software 

How to Fix Damage Company File using the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

If you are going to fix a damaged company file using the file doctor tool, make sure that you have the installation of the QuickBooks Tool Hub on your system. Or, visit the following link to download and install the tool hub efficiently. After installing it, you can move ahead to follow the underneath steps. 

Step 1: Access Quick Fix my File 

  • Firstly, go to the Tool Hub and choose Company File Issues. 
  • After that, choose Quick Fix my File. 
  • Choose OK and access QuickBooks. 


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Step 2: Use QuickBooks File Doctor 

  • First of all, choose the Tool hub and click on Company File Issues.
  • Next, choose Run QuickBooks File Doctor. You have to wait for one minute until the doctor tool appears. If you are unable to launch it, look for QuickBooks Desktop File Doc. 
  • Choose the company file from the drop-down list.
  • After that, click on Check for file and press Continue. 
  • Lastly, write down the admin password and press Next. 

Step 3: Update and create a backup of your company file. 

In the final step, you just have left to create a backup of your company file and update the QuickBooks software. 

What are the Cons of the QuickBooks File Doctor?

  • The first thing is to have the Admin credentials to run the QB File Doctor.
  • You must have a proper internet connection to upload and repair the damaged files.
  • You can only repair the company files that exceed 2 GB.
  • One of the main issues is the file doctor only supports two files .QBW and .QBA.
  • You must have the single installation of the doctor tool so that it can work properly.
  • QuickBooks file doctor tool works only for QuickBooks versions of UK, CA, and the US.
  • The in-built version of the doctor tool only useful in case of losing data. However, it doesn’t help when the user tries to open the company file. 
  • The network diagnosis can only be accessed if QuickBooks is on hosting mode.

Final Considerations!

We believe that this blog has directed you in the right direction to get all the related aspects of QuickBooks File Doctor. Hopefully, your all doubts have been cleared regarding the same. In addition, you don’t need to do anything as this tool takes care of all you need. Are you still unsure about the file doctor tool whether it is beneficial to install or not, then talk to our experts at QASolved. We help you in making all your doubts clear regarding the file doctor tool. 

Q1: What does QuickBooks file doctor do?

A: The file doctor tool helps in dealing with the errors related to the Network connectivity as well as company file errors. Along with this, if you are getting any error of the QuickBooks 6000 series or H series, it can be diagnosed by using the doctor tool. Also, you can review the results to see “How to fix the issue?

Q2: How long QuickBooks file doctor tool takes to repair the company file?

A: After applying the steps, the file doctor tool may take up to one minute to detect and resolve the company file errors. However, it might take a long time when the size of the company file is large and the speed of the network connectivity is slow.

Q3: How to run a file doctor file in QuickBooks?

A: The following steps can be performed to access the doctor file in QB.

1. First of all, choose the tool hub and click on Company File Issues.
2. After that, click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor. It may take up to one minute to launch.
3. If you ate failed to launch file doctor, look for the QuickBooks Desktop File Doc and access it manually.

Q4: How to install the QuickBooks file doctor tool?

A: Follow these steps to install the doctor tool in your system.

1. Firstly, shut down QuickBooks.
2. Next, download the latest version of the doctor tool.
3. After that, access the recently downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
4. Finally, follow the ongoing instructions to access the terms and conditions.

Q5: Is the QuickBooks file doctor tool free of cost?

A: Both of the versions of the file doctor are free of cost for every user of QuickBooks. You don’t need to get any paid subscription to utilize the file doctor tool for resolving technical issues.

Q6: When to use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

A: Below, we have listed all the situations in which you can use the doctor tool.

1. If you are experiencing company file errors or network issues, resolve them by using the file doctor tool.
2. The doctor tool helps you in fixing corrupted or damaged data issues.
3. You can detect all the damaged files and fix them via the doctor tool.

Q7: What can be the outcomes after accessing the file doctor tool?

A: There can be three possibilities of results after using the QB file doctor tool that has been listed down.

1. No issues have been detected.
2. Errors have been detected but unable to resolve.
3. Issues have been found and able to resolve.

Q8: What should be the file size to repair by the QB file doctor?

A: The files larger than 2 GB can’t be repaired with the help of the doctor tool. QuickBooks can’t be used in offline mode. However, the admin can use it in any way. There is nothing better than having software that can be used in resolving errors on your behalf.

Q9: What are the things to remember before using the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

A: Below, we have mentioned all the things that need to keep in mind before accessing the doctor tool.

1. Log in as an Admin.
2. You must have a proper internet connection.
3. The size of the company file must be more than 2 GB.

Q10: What to do after the company file is repaired using the file doctor tool?

A: After repairing the company file, you need to take a backup of it just for the safe side and go through all the manual processes again. You need to create backups on an external memory drive such as an external hard disk or USB drives in a month. You need to check for the application’s update in order to avoid such technical errors.

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